"Vivek Prasad is committed to providing a dynamic voice for District 5's students, families and community. Vivek possesses valuable leadership experience in our schools and takes a professional problem-solving approach to address complicated challenges. Vivek places the safety and success of all of our students as the paramount mission of FUSD. Vivek's strong technical background and impressive Silicon Valley experience will serve Fremont well as we leverage each precious dollar providing for the best academic environment for all our students."

- Larry Sweeny, FUSD School Board Trustee

“Vivek’s proven strong leadership, rich experience and great track record of community service makes him the Trustee that FUSD deserves.”

- Yang Shao, Ph.D, Fremont City Councilmember, Former President of FUSD School Board  

“I’ve had the honor to know Vivek for the past 3 years as a community leader. He is a sincere and an honest person who will ensure everyone’s voice is heard.”

- Raj Salwan, Fremont City Councilmember

"Vivek Prasad single handedly improved the quality of my teaching. A few years ago, I became aware that a Mission parent was coordinating the upgrading of classrooms with big screen TVs. I indicated interest, and within one week the installation was complete. In my 14 years of teaching, I have never seen such a transformational facilities improvement go from start to finish in such a short period of time - not even close. When I called Mr. Prasad to express my gratitude, he wanted to know if there was any problem. I mentioned that an HDMI connector had failed, but that I was planning to order another one. Instead, Mr. Prasad arranged for his son Aman to deliver a replacement, of better quality no less, the very next day. The convenience and resolution of this display are far superior to the LCD projector I had been struggling with, so much so that it has become an indispensable tool. Throughout my interaction with Mr. Prasad, he was approachable, responsive, knowledgeable, resourceful - simply put, a pleasure to deal with. Mr. Prasad impressed me as a person who cares deeply about our public school system, sees the big picture, identifies a need, marshals the support of key people and organizatifons in the community, and truly uplifts people's lives.""

- Dr. Charlie Brucker, Teacher at MSJHS

“I have known Vivek Prasad as a parent of 2 former students, and as the leader of Mission’s Parent Faculty Association. He has always been kind, respectful and helpful. He went to extraordinary lengths to make Mission a school that we could be proud of. I found him to exhibit strong integrity. When he said something would be done, if he couldn’t make the system work to accomplish it, he would show up and do the work himself.”

- Jean Dotson, Teacher at MSJHS

“Vivek truly listens to the community, and shares my educational belief on providing opportunities and support to every student.”

- Suli Lin, Former Hopkins Junior High PFA President  

“Vivek is a leader with simple demeanor but high integrity. A leader who will bring together disparate ideas where all feel included and helped. Having worked with Vivek when he was the MPPFA President, I believe, he is precisely the kind of leadership we need for Fremont’s school board”

- Brijesh Jain, Former Executive Board Member of MPPFA

“Vivek is a great listener and a great leader. He worked collaboratively. As MPPFA President he built up a really good foundation and reputation for the PFA. The credibility comes from his understanding of how the structure works, how budget allocation should be, and how to prioritize the requests.”

- Betty Bai, Former President of MPPFA  

“As President of MPPFA Vivek worked for the improvement of eduction for the students. He reached out to teachers and staff offering support for their needs. His attention to improving art, music, theater and sports programs went a long way towards enabling all round development of students. I really loved the excitement of students as they performed on stage with actual curtains after the long overdue renovation of our little theater. Vivek will provide those same leadership skills to the entire Fremont school community. I am proud to offer my support for Vivek Prasad.”

- Jean Faust, MSJHS Staff, Former President of Hopkins PFA and Co-President of MPPFA

“I’ve known Vivek for a decade now. He is a great listener and collaborator who gets things done. He cares about everybody’s opinions and tries to find solutions that is fair to all stakeholders.”

- Robert Hou, Former Executive Board Member of MPPFA

"I have worked closely with Vivek Prasad for 5+ years. Vivek brings outstanding customer orientation working tirelessly and doing whatever it takes to meet commitments. Vivek's willingness to take on big challenges, detail-oriented problem-solving skills and willingness to seek and embrace feedback are all traits that make him an excellent candidate for our school board. As a parent of 2 FUSD Elementary School students, I am excited to see Vivek run for the FUSD Board and strongly support his candidacy"

- Manoj Selva, FUSD Elementary School Parent; Senior Management, Fortune 500 Company

"As a parent, former President of Mission PFA and professional manager, Vivek has the depth of skills and experience to steer our schools in a direction that will meet the broad needs and desires of our diverse community to the greatest extent possible. For me, Vivek is the 'common sense candidate'."

- Malcom Hoar, FUSD Parent

“When deciding where to settle down and buy a home in the Bay Area, we decided on Fremont’s Mission San Jose District due to the high quality education. Janet attended FUSD schools since elementary school, which helped prepare her to excel at UC Berkeley for undergrad and then MIT for graduate school. We are increasingly concerned that the quality of education is eroding for our kids, and we trust Vivek will manage school resources well for the benefit of Fremont students.”

- Nate and Janet Chang, Parents of future FUSD students, MSJHS alumni

“Vivek is such an authentic, honest and caring person, that it shines through in every interaction he has, whoever it may be. I am so excited about the possibility of getting someone like him on the board.”

- Christina Broadwin, Former Treasurer of MPPFA  

“We work for the same employer. He knows how to make customers with diverse requirements successful. It is never one size fits all. Vivek has the patience to understand the varying needs of our students and can create strong programs for their success and aspirations”

- Shetal Shah, Colleague  

“Vivek demonstrated strong leadership as MPPFA President and will be a great asset to the school board.”

- Irshad Rasheed, FUSD Parent

“I had heard a lot of good things about Vivek from his MPPFA team and decided to meet him. I found him to be genuine, an active listener and keen on enabling every student to reach their full potential. FUSD will benefit greatly from his experience and perspectives from Silicon Valley ”

Padma Gopalakrishnan, Former Executive Board Member of MPPFA

“I support Vivek because his commitment to our students over the last 8 years has required dedication. That dedication is reinforced with character traits of honesty and integrity exactly what we need in a board of trustee member”

- Paul Stasi, FUSD Parent

“We have known Vivek for over 25 years as a genuine and caring person and an excellent friend. He is very compassionate and someone you can count on. He is very likeable and well respected for who he is. He has a good sense of humor. He is approachable. He is soft, but very strong”

- Rajeev and Riju Agarwal, Friend  

“I have known Vivek uncle my whole life. He has always advocated for students and will continue to do so with his promise to provide equal opportunity for students of all backgrounds and implement a curriculum that is not only rigorous, but also diverse, inclusive and representative of the Fremont population.”

- Sumani, Senior, FUSD Student

“Vivek uncle has been a close friend of our family. He is one of the most caring people I know and he is very trustworthy as a person. Not only is his personality optimal for this position, he has great people skills.”

- Arushi Agarwal, Sophomore, FUSD Student  

“Knowing Vivek for 20 years, I have first hand knowledge about his passion and views on many issues concerning students, parents, and the community. He is a common sense candidate with in-depth knowledge and abundant ideas on making our school and community better. His experience as a Silicon Valley executive, parent, and former PFA president makes him an outstanding and uniquely qualifed candidate!”

- Frank Luo, Fellow HOA Board Member and Parent

“Vivek is a man of integrity and a true gentleman. Having served with him on MPPFA, I have observed him working tirelessly to support MSJ students. He listens thoughtfully, and leads by example. I wholeheartedly support his election to the FUSD Board of Education.”

- Joy M. Suh, Music Educator and Former Secretary of MPPFA