Meet Vivek Prasad – Candidate for FUSD School Board Trustee for District 5


I came to Fremont with my wife over 25 years ago full of ambition supported strongly by confidence in my education and my culture that had taught me to work hard and to also contribute to the wellbeing of others around me. Our primary reason for selecting Fremont was the excellent quality of education awaiting my future kids.

As a father of two young adults that graduated from FUSD recently, I am proud to say that I can attribute their well-rounded personalities to the education they received as well as the extra-curricular opportunities available to them through FUSD.


I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to contribute back to society through multiple non-profit organizations and specifically to FUSD by serving as a volunteer and donor at MSJE and MSJHS. I served on the executive Board of MPPFA for several years – with 4 years as the President of MPPFA.

During my tenure as the President, I was blessed to be part of a strong team of volunteers over the years. We also created a very cohesive and collaborative work environment with all stakeholders; resulting in broad impact across the board.

A great metric of success is usually how the community members rally behind the team are open their pocketbooks to support. Over a 5-year period we increased the amount of funds raised annually from about $70K to $175K with record number of parents participating.

As your representative, I will push to replicate the same collaborative working model with high transparency!


I am an engineer by profession with two masters degrees, one each in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. I have been working in chip design related field for 25+ years. Along the way, I have founded two companies. Currently I work as Vice President of the #1 chip design tools company managing over $400M in revenues. In this role I manage a global team and am responsible for customer satisfaction and success with our tools.

My work experience affords me the following advantages:

Agility & Empathy:

I have worked very effectively with diverse & multicultural global teams by setting up a supportive work environment from both technical and emotional support perspectives; leading to high levels of creativity & motivation.

Laser sharp focus on customer success:

I always figure out a way to align all partners to ensure customer success. As an FUSD Board Trustee, the students will be my customers; teachers, staff, and administrators will be my partners.

Successful remote working setup with high productivity:

Technology options are already in place but there are inevitable glitches that can take time away from instruction. Corporate world has solved this problem over the last 6 months. I will encourage community partnership to apply available expertise to help teachers and students.

Creative budget management:

Available budget is never enough! I will strive to leverage available budget and secure funding support by finding strategic partners in industry.